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In this time, I will share a story about the event presented by Finance Department of Muec on April, 4th 2019. 

Let’s see!

In this modern era, money become an important things for modern people. Besides become a needs, it can be a boomerang for themselves if it is not manage properly. Every outcome must appropriate with the income. When it is not balance, the economic level will run into deficit because the outcome is more than the income and it will run into surplus if the outcome is less than the income. 
In the organization, certainly needed a good financial management to balancing the money between the income and outcome and also help to plan the money into future outcome projections. Besides needed in organization, financial management   also needed for every individual because basically, money is a needs of each individual. Therefore, Finance Department hold an agenda “Finance Training” to help the participants practice the financial management properly. Through the agenda, hoping the participants be able to do the funds recapitulation, either funds of courses or funds of organization. 

The agenda with the theme “Be Smart with Financial Training” that held on room of C.3.7B FKIP UMS. The speaker is the Manager of Finance in 2018. The participants was full of enthusiasm to follow every step by step and pay attention to the material which explained by the speaker. The agenda that followed by MUECER, the speaker gave the examples of courses fund accounts and organization fund accounts. Then, the participants given some questions and they require to categorize those account into cash of courses or cash of organization. 


Hopefully, with this agenda “Finance Training” we are able to manage our money properly. No matter the amount of money, the outcome and the income must be balance. 
The last, “If you want to thrive in today’s economy, you must get the finance training necessary to succeed”. Robert Kiyosi.

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Wassalamuallaikum, Wr . Wb

As long as the sun shines, There will be MUEC^^

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